Construction of the NeuFinder 4

Dan Neubecker & Dave Tutelman -- March 19, 2005

These are the instuctions for building your NeuFinder 4 (NF4). Follow them carefully, and you will finish the project with an instrument for measuring golf shafts that has all the precision and versatility you will ever need as a custom clubmaker.

Before you start, here are some pictures of a completed NF4. If you are confused about how things should fit together, you can consult these photos. Click on the thumbnail for a full-sized picture. (That convention -- click on the thumbnail -- will be carried through the set of instructions.)

Now, here are the steps to follow to build your NF4:
  1. Preparation, planning, and first steps.
  2. Backer board.
  3. Rotator board.
  4. Toggle board.
  5. Legs.
  6. Rotator board stop block.
  7. Toggle stop blocks.
  8. Aluminum yoke.
  9. Bearing arms.
  10. Shaft marking guide.
  11. Handle.
  12. Assembly and Adjustment.
When you are done, you will have a precision measuring tool that you can use to: