Welcome to the NeuFinder site

This replicates what used to be available in the members' area of the NeuFinder site run by Tim Hewitt of MyOstrich Golf. There is no longer a charge for the plans, so the information has been moved here, a location on the web without a paywall. Note that the information may be out of date. We will try to keep updates and current events available somewhere in this web folder, but we can't promise anything. Also note: while this site is being hosted on the tutelman.com domain, it is not an integral part of the tutelman.com web pages.

Updates and current events

This is where you get information to build and use your NeuFinder 4 and 4.1. Click on the button to get the corresponding document:

Building your NF4
Here are the plans themselves, the drawings and parts list that define the NF4
The known errors in the plans.

Construction notes:
A step-by-step set of instructions for building the NF4. You will also need the plans, but these well-illustrated instructions will make it a lot easier to get it right.
Placement of critical components:
This document tells you how to properly position the measuring tapes on the backer board, the toggle board on the T-slot beam, and the bearings so the shaft is aligned on all three bearings.
Building with the new scale design (NeuFinder 4.1):
The AMW-25 digital fish scale was discontinued. In the absence of a direct replacement, we improved the design using an Ultra-Ship shipping scale. Here are the details, both for new builds and retrofits of existing NF4s.
Using your NF4
Introduction to the NF4:
How the NF4 works, and how and why it is different from the NF2.
Taking a reading:
How to take a reading with your NF4. This is basic to any use, and to calibration as well.
Read this first, before you try to use your NF4 to measure a shaft.
Using your NF4 to match shafts:
Matching shafts, including:
  • Building a matched set of irons
  • Building a single club that matches an existing club
Using your NF4 to profile shafts:
How to take a stiffness profile, showing how the stiffness varies along the length of the shaft.
Using your NF4 to find the spine of a shaft:
How to find spine and NBP, using both feel-finding (like the NF2) and differential deflection (new for the NF4).
Maintaining your NF4
You need to go through these steps when you build your NF4. You also ought to repeat them, to keep your instrument in calibration, at least once a year.
Wall Mounting:
Some clubmakers will prefer to unclutter their bench by wall-mounting their NF4. The NF4 was designed to accommodate wall mounting. Here's how to do it.